What does the imminent future promise?

Many Muslim dominated countries are arming themselves today with huge amounts of sophisticated modern weaponry and preparing for what they see as their ultimate destiny, to wage and win a huge holy war that would annihilate Israel and restore the “Holy Land” to Islamic rule. After which they plan to conquer and capture the rest of the world. The West is too afraid to speak or even think of such a possibility.

This Islamic agenda is totally different to anything the Western World would even understand. Their Islamic mind is set on a different purpose and they do not care how they attain it. Any one of these scenarios could bring disaster of unprecedented proportions.  Combinations of them are capable of changing the face of human history to an unrecognisable degree. Humanly speaking, there appears to be no prospect of a solution.  Every form of human government, whether capitalist, communist, dictatorships, authoritarian or numerous other varied forms, have failed dismally.  The dearth of honest human leadership with the capability of leading their nations out of their destructive dilemmas is clear for all to see.  The stage is inevitably being set for inescapable supernatural intervention.

Our whole human system, is currently on the possible  verge of destruction and annihilation. It is currently facing a period of time which, if left to its own devices, it might simply disintegrate and disappear. Jesus predicted that,

Matthew 24:22

22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened. NKJV

In a period of world history when man is making his greatest discoveries and inventing things that could become the means of saving mankind, he is fashioning weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying all humanity. There will be a contraction of time, speeding up world events to a feverish pitch.

What might be required to salvage the situation and produce world wide peace and true global harmony?  It will certainly require far more than unregenerate man is capable of producing.  At what should be the most promising era of human history, instead of  improving conditions,  man is destroying his neighbours and wrecking their nations. It should be extremely obvious and evident by now that man desperately needs some extra super human assistance. In other words, only God is capable of rescuing and redeeming mankind from all his self imposed methods of self destruction. Mankind requires supernatural assistance of the kind that is truly divine and far beyond anything that man could ever achieve except through the direct intervention of almighty God. If we try to imagine what such assistance might look like we must imagine something far greater than mere man has ever previously encountered.  This is exactly what God has planned to accomplish. When it happens it will be sensational, remarkable, supernatural and totally glorious.   We are living at a time when many countries that have been defined in history as “Christian nations” are being taken over  by Islamic pressures. In many of these countries church buildings are being rapidly converted into mosques as Muslim population groups grow in size and influence. Although these facts cannot be disproved, most Christian groups show little sign of becoming disturbed by these trends. Surely they do not recognize the negative affect that these trends will ultimately have on the whole world. If these Islamic plans were able to succeed, all other cultures, whether religious or political would be overthrown and their populations swamped and driven into submission.  It is now time to pray and intercede as never before. Our prayers must be passionate from the heart with a true desperation that cannot be denied.  The whole Church worldwide, must unite before the throne of God fervently praying that all the prophecies of the Bible will be fulfilled according to God’s prediction that the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Messiah.


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