Many Churches announce Sunday morning as their Worship Service, but what does this usually consist of ?   To begin with someone may offer a welcome to  all attending. It may then consist of the opening prayer which is not actually a prayer of petition but a recitation of various appropriate scriptures. Usually the gathering also sings a conglomeration of hymns and choruses led by an appointed  worship leader. The choruses usually come first. These are generally the shorter popular religious songs. Following after these choruses comes a hymn or two. These are usually slower, perhaps with somewhat deeper meaning. The service usually features a sermon on a suitable subject.  Of course there is always an offertory hymn preceded by a brief word of encouragement to give generously. In some cases there may also be a table of communion when congregants are offered small pieces of bread and a small glass of wine. The whole service is usually restricted to one half hour followed by some mutual “fellowship”.

What might happen if Jesus unexpectedly literally showed up?  What if He walked into the auditorium?  Would the order of service be changed? How might it become different?  Would there be more enthusiasm?  How might the service differ from the usual Sunday morning service?  What if the opening prayer was truly an earnest, honest plea to God to take the oversight?  Would the worship include all the popular choruses and hymns perhaps a little more enthusiastic than  normal ?  Might the service become less like a funeral service and more like a resurrection party?  If our prayers and petitions are genuine why would not Jesus show up?   At the next Worship Service, why not expect God to show up?  Why should we not pray and petition honestly?  Why not truly beseech God until He answers our prayer?  Why not worship in such a fashion that God cannot stay away?  Then we would truly have a genuine worship service!

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