The Supreme Importance of Zechariah 12

The situation that presently pertains in the Middle East is obviously an extremely delicate one.  It could explode at a moment’s notice into a huge war. Nobody actually knows if and when this might happen, or what the details of such an event might ultimately be. Certainly the United Nations Organization has no idea. Nor does any nation on earth.  The only source that can supply reliable details of what will definitely transpire, is one that most people will probably ridicule and reject which is the Holy Bible. Approximately 2,500 years ago God foretold that a fierce war would erupt in the Middle East in the Last Days. This war would be an  attack on Israel that would be defeated by almighty God who will defend and defeat the  Islamic army that would be intent on defeating Israel and seizing its territory  transforming it into an Islamic post from which it would seek to dominate the whole world. Numerous other prophesies in the Bible that are presently being accurately fulfilled in great detail, prove that we are presently living in the very time predicted by Zechariah. I personally believe that the very time predicted by the prophet has now arrived. This predicted attack  will happen in the very near future.  Every Bible believing person should be aware of this predicted event and be spiritually prepared  for what will happen after this event.

The Bible is a truly  amazing book containing many astonishing prophecies. Several  of the greatest of these are  found in the book of Zechariah. One  prophecy in Zechariah 12, predicts an attack on Israel made by several nations that lie adjacent to Israel’s Eastern border. This prophecy predicts the attack and the supernatural victory which will be gained by Israel.  It describes the revelation of  Israel’s Messiah who actually led Israel to an astonishing supernatural victory. The main objective of this  imminent attack, was predicted approximately 2,500 years ago. The aim is to completely destroy the Jewish rule in Israel and replace it with a totally Islamic rule. This has been the aim of  Islam for many centuries. It is certainly high time for everyone to truly  recognize this clear fact that we are now living in the End Times of this present era which is when the attack will be launched. Israel’s arch enemies are currently waiting  on her  borders. What will be the ultimate result of it?  Here is a brief suggested time line. In one sense it will be the greatest war that Islamic forces have ever launched and the worst defeat they have ever suffered.


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